Take, Eat, This is my Body - Simmons

This hymn about Eucharist by Paul Simmons was first released in 1985. Alternative titles include "Take Eat", "Broken For You", "This Is My Body"

More recently has been published in Songs of Fellowship (Vol 1-5), 1993-2011, published by Kingsway Music, and it is in a number of editions of Mission Praise from 1987 onwards.

It is not the same as the hymn "Remember Me" by Joe Wise, which starts "Take and eat, this is my body", or various other hymns starting "Take and eat ..."


Instrumental version - organ


The full lyrics are still copyright, so cannot be reproduced here. There are four verses, each has five lines, and the last line is repeated. A rough outline is:
Take, eat, this is My body broken for you;
... Eat of My flesh and live. 
My blood was shed for many
... You shall be free indeed. 
Though your sins be as scarlet
... They shall be as wool. 
For God so loved the world
....Might have everlasting life.

The words are available from https://www.weareworship.com/uk/songs/song-library/showsong/6692 - presumably because they have a copyright arrangement which allows this.

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