Canticle of the Sun (Be praised most high almighty Lord) - Temple

This hymn was written by South African born lay Franciscan Sebastian Temple (1928-1997).

It is based on the hymn Laudes Creaturarum (Praise of the Creatures) written by Francis of Assisi

It was included on the recording "Happy the Man" released by Franciscan Communications in 1967 (ref).   A music-book for this was releases by GIA Publications, and this is still available from Sheet Music Plus.



Solo singer with folk-style backing band:

Singes with backing band:

Instrumental - piano:


Be praised, Most High, Almighty Lord
Yours the blessings and glory be.
Only honour belongs to you for all eternity.
Be praised, Lord of the creature world,
And first Sir Brother and Sun.
Who through the day and light you give,
Reflects you, O Holy One.

Be praised through Sister Moon and Stars,
Bright and precious they shine above.
Through Brother Wind and all Weathers too
Be praised, O Lord of Love.
Through Sister Water, Lord be praised
For fair and chaste is She,
And Brother Fire that Lights the Night,
So strong and bright is He.

Be praised through Sister Mother Earth,
For She sustains and guides our way.
And yields so many fruits and grass
And flowers to brighten our day.
Be praised through all who pardon give,
For love of you bearing their pain.
Blessed men suffering peacefully,
They shall not cry in vain.

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