Hymn to St Brigid (Far above enthroned in glory)

This is a hymn about St Brigid of Kildare.

The words are attributed to Mother Cecilia C of the Brigidine convent in Kilkenny, Ireland, in around 1911 (ref).

The original tune is attributed to Cecilia Sinnott (1863-1902) Brigidine Sisters, Goresbridge Convent (ref). Today, however, it is usually sung to the tune PICARDY - also used for Let all Mortal Flesh Keep Silence.

It is (or was) used as the school song by a number of schools run by the Brigidene Sisters.

There are many variations in the first words of the 2nd and 4th verses, including "Sancte Maria", "Sweet St Brigid", "Holy Mother", and "Sancte Mater" - the latter is used in the slides and lyrics below.

And Irish-language translation, Duan Bhríde - Dearc Anuas, was made by Irish academic, linguist and scholar, Douglas Ross Hyde (An Craoibhín Aoibhinn (1860–1949). It was published in the Confraternity Hymn Book, 1959, Belfast. Lyrics are currently available here.

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Singer with classical guitar - mixed with Let All Moral Flesh

Soloist with organ:

Choir arrangement, unaccompanied:

Instrumental - professional recording


Far above enthroned in glory
Sweetest Saint of Erin’s Isle
See thy children kneel before thee
Turn on us a Mother’s smile.

Sancta Mater, hear our pleading
Faith and hope and holy love
Sweet St Brigid, spouse of Jesus,
Sent to us from Heaven above.

Sweet St Brigid, Erin’s children,
Far and near o’er land and sea
In the world and in the cloister
Fondly turn with love to thee.

Sancta Mater, sooth the mourner
Shield the weary tempted soul
Sweet St Brigid, guide thy children
To thy bright and happy home.

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