Abba Father Send Your Spirit

This hymn for Pentecost was written by American Roman Catholic teacher Virginia (Ginny) Vissing - who was listed as Rosalie Vissing in early publications.

It was first published in 1974, when copyright was assigned to the Shalom Community of Whicita. Subsequent registrations were to the Sisters of St Mary of Namur - presumably because Vissing joined this order after writing the song.

Hymn-books which it has been published in include:

It has been published in Spanish by OCP as Abba Padre, and this is still in print today.  It's not clear whether the Spanish or English version came first, but the number of videos on YouTube suggest that the Spanish version is more commonly sung today.

 It is set to an unnamed tune, also by Vissing. This has a 4/4 time signature. In the key of E, the first few notes are B, B, E B, C C E C B, E G F.


Lead singer and small group with guitar backing:



The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on this website.  A rough outline is:
1. Abba, Father, send your Spirit
Glory, Jesus Christ
Abba, Father, send your Spirit
Glory, Jesus Christ

Glory hallelujah, glory Jesus Christ,
Glory hallelujah, glory Jesus Christ.

2. I will give you living water

3. If you seek me you will find me...

4. If you listen you will hear me...

5. Come, my children, I will teach you...

6. I'm your shepherd, I will lead you...

7. Peace I leave you, peace i give you...

8. I'm your life and resurrection...

9. Glory Father, glory spirit...

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