O Queen of the Holy Rosary

This is a hymn about Mary under the title Queen of the Rosary.

It was written by English minister's wife and later Roman Catholic convert and missionary Emily M. C. Shapcote, née Steward (1828-1909) in approximately 1882, and first published in in St. Dominic's Hymn Book, 1885 and 1901, A. E. Tozer's Catholic Hymns, 1898.

It was published in various Catholic hymnals until the 1960s.   It is still used in some schools and parishes today, especially ones dedicated to Mary under her title "Queen of the Rosary".

With meter D, the tune that the hymn was originally sung to is unknown.  Below is sheet music from a Sunday School Hymn book in 1905, which has it set to an unidentified tune.   Most recordings today use the tune ELLACOMBE (composer unknown, from the Gesangbuch der Herzogl. Hofkapelle, Würtemberg, 1784) - which is also used for other hymns like I Sing the Mighty Power of God.

The title is sometimes given as "Hail Queen of the Holy Rosary".

The original song had four verses.   An alternative third verse was written at some point (author unknown), and this is now widely used.


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O Queen of the Holy Rosary,
O bless us as we pray,
And offer thee our roses
In garlands day by day,
While from our Father's garden,
With loving hearts and bold,
We gather to thine honour
Buds white and red and gold.

O Queen of the Holy Rosary,
Each myst'ry blends with thine
The sacred life of Jesus
In ev'ry step divine,
Thy soul was His fair garden,
Thy virgin breast His throne,
Thy thoughts His faithful mirror,
Reflecting Him alone.

O Queen of the Holy Rosary,
We share thy joy and pain,
And long to see the glory
Of Christ's triumphant reign.
Oh, teach us holy Mary,
To live each mystery,
And gain by patient suff'ring
The glory won by thee.

Original 3rd and 4th verses:

Sweet Lady of the Rosary,
White roses let us bring,
And lay them round thy footstool,
Before our Infant King.
For, resting in thy bosom,
God's Son was fain to be
The child of thy obedience
And spotless purity.

Queen of the Holy Rosary!
What radiancy of love,
What splendour and what glory
Surround thy court above!
O, in thy tender pity
Dear source of love untold,
Refuse not this our offering,
Our flow’rs white, red, and gold

Additional verse sometimes used after the third:
Dear Lady of the Rosary!
Red roses cast we down
But let thy fingers weave them
Into a worthy crown.
For how can we poor sinners
Do aught but weep with thee,
When in thy train we follow
Our God to Calvary.

ABC Notation

About ABC notation

T:O Queen of the Holy Rosary
C: Tune: ELLACOMBE - German Anonymous, 1874
C: Words: Emily M. C. Shapcote, née Steward (1828-1909)
Z:abc-transcription www.GodSongs.net
E | "A" A (G/2F/2) E A | "F#m" (C D) "E" E E | "D" (F/2G/2) A "E"B B | "A" c3 E |
w:1~~~O Queen of the Ho-ly Ro-sa-ry, O bless_ us as we pray, and
w:2~~~O Queen of the Ho-ly Ro-sa-ry, each myst'ry__ blends with thine. The
A (G/2F/2) E A | "F#m" (C D) "E"E E | "D" (F/2G/2) "E"A A G | "A" A3 (A/2B/2) |
w:1~~~off-er_ thee our roses__ in gar_lands day by day, While_
w:2~~~sa-cred_ life of Je-sus_ in ev-ery_ step di-vine. Thy
c B c "D"d | "E" (B G/2A/2) B (A/2B/2) | "A" c B c "D"d | "E" B3 E |
w:1~~~from our Fa-ther's gar-den__ with_ lov-ing hearts and bold, we
w:2~~~soul was His fair gar-den__ thy_ vir-gin breast His throne, Thy
"A" A (G/2F/2) E A | "F#m" (C D) "E"E E | "D"(F/2G/2) A "E" A G | "A"A3|]
w:1~~~ga-ther_ to thine hon-our_ buds white_ and red and gold.
w:2~~~thoughts His_ faith-ful mir-ror_ re-flect_ing Him a-lone.

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