I Saw a Star up High

This Advent / Christmas hymn was written by Scottish-educated, England-based Roman Catholic author and music publisher, Joan McCrimmon.

It was most likely written in the 1970s / 80s, and is included in the Celebration Hymnal for Everyone, which is still in print.

It was included in a re-mastered CD "Carols for Christmas", which is also still available.

The tune was composed in 1971 by the British-Kenyan folk singer Roger Whittaker (b 1936) and originally pared with the text "The Last Farewell" (ref).  Some lines in the hymn appear to be inspired by this song.

The tune has a 12/8 time signature, and in the key of Eb the first few notes of the melody are  BB B BB BB BBCB BEE_.



Church choir from to eSwatini (previously called Swaziland) with band:

Singer, self-accompanied on 12-string guitar:

Solo singer with backing band, live performance at a Christmas show:

Instrumental - karaoke backing track:


The words are copyright, so cannot be quoted here in full. But a rough outline is:
1  I saw a star up high above the heavens

Chorus 1:
No one there would listen to my story
And no one seemed to care about the child;
But he was beautiful,
The baby born to save us,
As in his mother's arms he gently lay.

2  I saw the star shine down upon the stable ...

3  I hurried home and there I met the townsfolk

Chorus 2
But all alone I knelt before that manger,
With sheep and cows and oxen standing by;
But he was ...
The baby who was born on Christmas Day.

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