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When is He Coming the Redeemer

This Advent hymn was published in 1981 More Songs of the Spirit - Songs and Hymns of Renewal, Volume 2 attributed to David Palmer without any copyright information.   It was also included in:

  • 20th Century Folk Hymnal Volume 2 published in 1975/6  - this says that it is copyright to Mayhew-McCrimmon Ltd
  • Hymns Old and New with Supplement,1989 published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd  - with some or all copyright owned by them (but it is not in Catholic Hymns Old and New 2009).

However no other information about its origins are known, and CCLI's SongSelect does not list it.

If you have any more information about it (eg was it part of a musical?  It feels like it should be from the videos on YouTube) please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the page.

No in-print sources of the sheet music have been found - the only option is to buy a second-hand version of the books listed above.

The unnamed tune, also by Palmer, has a 4/4 time signature. In the key of F the first few notes are D DD DEFE D DD DEFD D_.    The verses are played with chords of Dm and C, switching to F et al for the chorus.



Massed choir with orchestra:

Small choir, professional recording, piano accompaniment:

Small group and congregation with keyboard and guitar - church service recording:


When is he coming,
When, oh when is he coming, the Redeemer?
When will we see him,
When, oh when will we see him, the Redeemer?

Come, oh come, from your kingdom up there,
from your kingdom up there above!
Come, oh come, to your people on earth,
to your people on earth bring love!
Emmanuel! Emmanuel! Emmanuel!

Long years a-waiting,
Many years here a-waiting the Redeemer!
Ready to greet him,
Always ready to meet him, the Redeemer!

Spare us from evil, from the clutches of evil,
O Redeemer!
Though we are sinners
We have known your forgiveness, O Redeemer!

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  1. This is also in 'Hymns Old and New with Supplement' ISBN 0 86209 142 X, published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd 1989, number 608 with all or some copyright with Kevin Mayhew. It also has a verse 3 - Spare us from evil, ....

  2. We used to sing this in primary school. Why it's stuck in my head at 4 am I'll never know.

  3. I am looking to find a copy of the sheet music for this ? does anyone know where I might find it please?

  4. What is this hymns official title? Ive made a playlist of my favourite hymns on Spotify and sadly I can't find this one. This would be number 1 in my favourites as well