Help of Christians Guard this Land

 Help of Christians, guard this land.  From assault or inward stain; Let it be what Christ has planned, His new Eden where you reign. 2  Teach us that in Christ your Son Lies the wisdom to be free;  For the Cross, which we would shun, Is man's Tree of Liberty. 3  Should the powers of hell arise, And our peace be trampled down, In that night of blood and lies Show us still your twelve-starred crown. 4  Take from us the coward heart, Fleeting will, divided mind, Give us sight to play our part, Though the world around is blind. 5  Image, of the risen life Shining in eternity Glimmer through our earthly strife, Draw us to your victory.
This Australian hymn of petition to Mary Help of Christians was written by academic, poet, journalist, literary critic and hymn writer James McAuley (1917-1976).

It is and set to a tune by composer Richard Connolly (b 1927).   The tune, named CAMILA, has a 4/4 time signature.  The first few notes are D C DA G E D.

The hymn was included on an EP   (early type of record) released in 1962 as part of the Living Parish series (ref).

Hymn-books that it has been published in include:
  • We offer the Mass : Hymns for Low Mass - 1959
  • The Living Parish Hymnal ( Australia - No. 103)
  • The Catholic Worship Book (Australia)
  • As One Voice - Year of Grace Music Book.
The last of these is currently in-print.   Sheet music is also available as a digital-download.   A sample of the sheet music can be viewed here.


Congregation with electronic organ accompaniment:


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on this website (final page).  A rough outline is:
1  Help of Christians, guard this land ...

2  Teach us that in Christ your Son ...

3  Should the powers of hell arise ...

4  Take from us the coward heart ...

5  Image, of the risen life ...

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