Songs for summer camp / vacation Bible school

This is a list of songs which are popular for summer camp and / or vacation bible school.   It is based on looking at the songs which have been popular in the northern-hemisphere summer time over the last few years, despite not fitting into any liturgical cycle at the time.

Many of these songs would not be suitable for a formal liturgy.

But they are fun to sing and many have actions to perform too.   So they are good for engaging younger children or even older ones who aren't yet ready for more musically or theologically challenging materials.

Popular camp / summer-school songs

Blind Man Sat by the Road

Dance like David Danced

Give me Joy in my Heart

Hallelujah Praise be the Lord

How Great is our God

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

Love is a Flag Flown High / Castle of my Heart

Love the Lord Your God round   (to the Drink Milk ad tune)

O How Good is the Lord

Only a Boy Named David

Praise Him when the Sun Goes Down

The Community Song

The Lord is my Shepherd - round

The Ten Commanadments song

There were Twelve Disciples

We Want to see Jesus Lifted High

Wide, Wide as the Ocean

What's missing from this list?

Are there other especially popular religious songs that you sing with young people at camp or summer-school?

Or songs that you remember from your own childhood, but haven't been able to find?    Leave a message in the Comments box at the bottom of the page, and I'll see what I can find out about them.

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