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Hymnal for Young Christians, Volume 2

This book was edited by Roger D. Nachtwey

It was published  in 1966 by F. E. L. Publications who were at that time based in Los Angeles, California.  Later it was re-printed a number of times:  the listing below is based on the fourth re-print of the standard version congregational edition with verses (publication 406) which was done in 1975,

There were two different versions of the book:   Standard and Complete with three folk liturgies (ICET texts).   Each version was published two different editions:  congregational (with just the melody line) and guitar accompaniment and choir edition.

The Masses included in the complete version are:
  • First Mass for Young Americans - by Ray Repp.
  • Second Mass for Young Americans - by Ray Repp.
  • Missa Bossa Nova by Peter Scholtes.

The book includes 121 songs, all in English.   They are organised into major categories:
  • Liturgy
  • The church year
  • Social awareness
  • Bible history and parables
  • Children
  • General songs.
and these were used to group the songs.   As well there are indices (indexes) for topic, for the recording which the song is on, and for first lines and titles.

All but 19 of the songs have been included on a previous recording released by FEL Publications.  The book provides complete sheet music for all songs on"Sing Praise to God, Sing Praise" by Ray Repp, and a substantial number of the songs from these records:
  • "Run, Come, See" by Robert Blue
  • "Run Like a Deer" by Paul Quinlan
  • "Men of the Old Testament" by GeorgĂ© Montague
  • "Women of the Old Testament" by Sarah Hershberg
  • "The Cold Cathedral" by John Fischer
  • "Tell the World" by the Dameans
  • "Come Alive" by Ray Repp.

As well, the book was accompanied by a ten-record set of LP's, which appear to include the vast majority of songs from the book.

The book does not have an ISBN, and does not include any information about who did the cover design, music layout or book printing.   It was printed in paper-back format, and uses green ink on yellow paper, to make it more difficult for anyone to make illegal copies.    (See Ken Canedo's book Keep the Fire Burning: The Folk Mass Revolution for background information about the copyright issues which FEL was facing by the time this edition was printed.)

The book is now out-of-print, but copies are sometimes available from Amazon, and a few of the hymns have been included in later hymnals from other publishers.

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