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Mel Bay's Children's Guitar Hymnal

This hymnal was published by Mel Bay Publications of Missouri, USA in 1978.

Compiled by Steve Griffin, there is a brief forward by Bill (William) Bay.  The book has 31 hymns, all in English.

For each hymn, there is music notation in lead-sheet (ie melody line and guitar chords) style, and a summary at the top of the chords required, and the fingering to play it. While the hymns were chosen for their appeal to children, the suggested chord patterns are not overly simplified, including 7th chords in many cases and also minor chords. For some hymns, only the chorus, or chorus and first verse, are included.

There are also two pages devoted to music theory (time signatures), chord notation and strum patterns.

The ISBN is 978-87166725-0.

The book has 40 pages, is A4 sized and soft-bound. It is available from Amazon in the UK/Ireland and US / Rest of the world.

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