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Two Fishermen (And Come and Follow Me)

Two men in a boat - Two fishermen, who lived along The Sea of Galilee, Stood by the shore to cast their nets into an ageless sea. Now Jesus watched them from afar then called them each by name; It changed their lives, these simple men; They’d never be the same. Chorus: Leave all things you have and come and follow me, and come and follow me. 2. And as he walked along the shore ‘twas James and John he’d find, And these two sons of Zebedee would leave their boats behind. Their work and all they held so dear they left beside their nets. Their names they’d heard as Jesus called; they came without regret. 3. O Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John beloved one, You heard Christ’s call to speak good news revealed to God’s own Son. Susanna, Mary, Magdalene who traveled with your Lord, You ministered to him with joy for he is God adored. 4. And you, good Christians, one and all who’d follow Jesus’ way, Come leave behind what keeps you bound to trappings of our day, And listen as he calls your name to come and follow near, for still he speaks in varied ways to those his call will hear.
This hymn was written by North American Sister of Mercy, schoolteacher and retreat-leader Suzanne Toolan RSM (b 1927).  The tune was first published in 1970, while these words were published in 1986.  And the overall song it has subsequently been published as The Call, partnered with How Brightly Deep by Rosemary O'Sullivan.

A Spanish translation, Dos Pescadores, has also been made by Jorge Lockward (b 1965).

It is a folk-influenced ballad-style song about following Jesus is based on the story of Jesus calling of the disciples by the sea-side, which is told in Matthew 4:18-22, Mark 1:16-20 and Luke 5:1-11; 8:1-3.

With meter D with refrain, Toolan composed the tune for the verses, while the chorus is a 16th century English tune which was harmonised by John Stainer (1840-­1901).  The combined tune is simply called LEAVE ALL THINGS. This has a 6/8 time signature, and in the key of  Emin, the first few notes are   B, EFG FED E.