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Reap me the Earth

Field ready for harvest - 1 Reap me the earth as a harvest to God Gather and bring it again All that is his to the maker of all Lift it and offer it high. Chorus: Bring bread, bring wine Give glory to the Lord Whose is the earth but God’s? Whose is the praise but his? 2 Go with your songs and your music with joy, Go to the altar of God. Carry your offerings, fruits of the earth Work of your labouring hands. 3 Gladness and pity and passion and pain All that is mortal in man Lay all before him return him his gift God, to whom all shall go home.
This hymn was written by English Roman Catholic journalist, composer and music-editor Luke Connaughton (1917-1979).

It was originally intended as a hymn for Offertory use, but is also appropriate for harvest celebrations.   Some publishers have suggested it is appropriate for children.

It was first published in Sing a New Song to the Lord (Mayhew-McCrimmon Ltd 1970), under the pseudonym ‘Peter Icarus’ - one of several which Connaughton used for his works in this book.

Later books that it was published in include hymnal supplements and denomination hymnbooks, such as:
  • Praise the Lord (1972),
  • Praise for Today (1974),
  • New Church Praise (1975)
  • Alleluia! Amen (Veritas, 1978)
  • Partners in Praise (1979)
  • Hymns Ancient & Modern, New Standard Edition (1983)
  • Worship, 3rd edition (1986)
  • Rejoice in the Lord (1985).
It does not appear to be included in any in-print hymn books, so second-hand copies of the above are probably the best source of sheet music.

With meter, it was originally set to the tune JUCUNDA LAUDATIO by English organist and composer A Gregory Murray OSB (1905-1992). This has a 4/4 time signature. In the key of D, the first few notes are F DF A FD E DE F, and the matching guitar chords are D A D.

Other tunes it has been set to include:
  • BAY HALL by Michael Dawney (b 1942)
  • WORLEBURY by John Ainslie (1972)

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