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The Complete Come and Praise

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This book is a one-volume compilation of the hymn books "Come and Praise 1" (1978) and "Come and Praise 2" (1989).

These two books were published by BBC Active (an imprint of Education Publishers, Pearson Education Group) so that listeners to the BBC's school radio assembly programme "Together" could join in the singing. 

The combined edition was first published in 1990, and has been re-printed at least 11 times since.

It was compiled by Geoffrey Marshall-Taylor of the BBS School Radio division.   Music was arranged by Douglas Coombes, and engraved by jack Thompson.

The book is an all-age collection - although with a focus on schools, many of the songs are particularly suitable for children.

It includes 149 songs, all in English, set to 156 different tunes:  Some songs are provided with two tunes.   They are grouped into these sections:
  • The created world
  • The life of Jesus
  • Praise and thanksgiving
  • The journey of life
  • Songs of worship
  • The human family
  • Caring for the world
  • Day by day
  • Seasons
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Harvest
  • Peace.
The songs were selected because they are based in Judaeo-Christian tradition, but appeal to people from a wide range of faith backgrounds.

The music arrangements have been simplified where possible, and many provide a part for a melody instrument as well as piano score and guitar chords.    Some are indicated as rounds, and some have percussion suggestions also.

The book includes a two page reference chart of the guitar chords which are used in any of the songs.

It has one table of contents at the start of the book which lists the songs by category, and one index at the end which includes song-title and first-line text, and shows both song and page number.
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The combined Words and Music edition has ISBN 978-0-536-34518-7.  The cover designer is not acknowledged.   The book was printed by Ashford Colour Press.

Physically, the book is A4 size, and bound with plastic-coated wire-spiral, so it will open easily on music stands.

The book is still in -print.  It can be purchased from Pearson's website (category Religious Education), or perhaps more simply form Amazon.

There is also an accompanying set of CDs, which contain a selection of the songs - also available from Amazon.