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Ten Lepers (Ten men lepers in a Hebrew town)

Ten unclean and nowhere to go. Ten men cleansed as clean as snow. One returned to give God thanks,  But nine went away.  1  Ten men, lepers in a Hebrew town. Ten crying, “Lord, won’t you please come down.” No hope near till one fine day, Jesus of Nazareth passed that way. 2  “Lord, make me clean,” was their single cry. “See how the whole world passes us by. No man’s home will take us in!” Then Christ bent down to touch their skin.  3 Like a tree when its buds come true, or a patch of spring that is fresh and new, Christ restored the ones defiled, gave them the flesh of a newborn child. 4  God gives gifts to us every day, favours His people in every way. Hope restored and pain relieved— Do you ever give thanks for a gift received?  5  Thank you, Lord, for the summer sun, for sight and song and good deeds done, for faith and family and loving friends, for the day that begins and the night that ends
This hymn about Jesus healing of the ten lepers, of whom only one returned to say "thank you" was written by Medical Mission Sister Miriam Therese Winter (b 1938), based on was Luke 17:11-19.

It was originally published in her 1965 collection "Joy is like the Rain".   Sheet music for the Joy is Like the Rain collection has been out of print for a long time, but copies are occasionally available on Amazon.

However the song was later included in Singing the New Testament published by Faith Alive, Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2009, so it is likely that this is still in print.

The tune has a 4/4 time signature. When it is set in the key of  D, the first few notes are F A A AB B B.