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Remember Me (Take and eat, this is my body) - Wise

Remember me imposed on Eucharistic mosiac - Chorus: Take and eat, this is my body, broken on crosses too lonely to mention. Take and drink, this is my blood, spilled on your alleys and lost in your hallways. Remember me, remember me. Take and eat, this is my gift myself, given in love in the face of rejection. Take and drink, this is my life. Know it's my pledge now to be with you always. Remember me, remember me. 1 I couldn't be here. Remember me. I live all alone. Remember me. I walk on your streets and sleep by your highways. Remember me, remember me. 2 I ride on your bus. Remember me I sit in your jails. Remember me. I live in your sick beds and wait for your footsteps. Remember me, remember me. 3 I count on your love. Remember me. I dance in your eyes. Remember me. I put on your ring and give you my lifetime. Remember me, remember me. 4 I live in your house. Remember me, I play in your yard. Remember me I kiss you good night and call you my father. Remember me, remember me.
This hymn about Eucharist and social justice was written by American Roman Catholic performer and composer Joseph Edward (Joe) Wise (b. 1939).

It was included on Wise's recording "Watch With Me" which was released under the Fontaine House label (Rite Record Productions, Inc.) in 1972, and distributed by North American Liturgy Resources. Sheet music published by Pastoral Arts Associates of North America

It was also included in Wises' 2003 compilation album Most Requested Music for the Spirit Volume II.

The unnamed tune by Wise has a 3/8 time signature. In the key of C, the first few notes are C C G_G_G A G F.