Love the Lord your God (Love Round)

The origin of this enthusiastic song about God's love is unclear:   a visitor to this website has said that his/her father wrote in in Australia during the 1970s, and it was definitely sung in New Zealand during the 1980s.   But no published versions have been found.   The videos on YouTube show it is currently sung in American vacation bible camps - with the comments in one saying that it was old-school - probably handed down from Medieval times!

It is more a praise and worship song than a hymn traditional hymn, but is very effective as round:  three groups, one on each part.

Please leave any feedback in the Comments section at the bottom of this page, especially verifiable information about the origins and copyright status for this song.



Solo singer with guitar, including Milk-breakout:

Trio, singing as a round, unaccompanied:

Trio with guitar and drum:

Summer camp version:


Love the Lord your God
With all your heart and all your soul
And all your mind and
Love all humankind
As you would love yourself, and …

Love ---------------,
The Lord your God
With all your heart,
And all your soul and mind and love all people.

We’ve got Christian lives to live,
We’ve got Jesus’ love to give, we’ve got nothing to hide,
Because in God we all abide ...

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  1. Is there a way to print the lyrics and the piano music for Love the Lord Your God?

    1. Unfortunately I haven't been able t find the sheet music as yet - I'll be loading it here as soon as I find it.

  2. I'm looking like mad for it myself. My church choir in college always used to use it as a warm up.... I was in the choir five years. Now they aren't doing it anymore and I want to reintroduce it to them. If I can't find it by Christmas I'm going to dictate it and write it up myself... If i do so I'll send it to you!

    1. Cassie, if you could send it, that would be great.

  3. Hi Cassie, did you write the sheet music for this song? Could you provide it to me? I'd like to introduce the Song in my Royal Ranger Team.

  4. Unsure if anyone accesses this site anymore, but I was excited to see the Editor looking for the origins of Love the Lord Your God. My wonderful father wrote this song many years ago, in the 1970's, as a youth group leader at a suburban church in Sydney, Australia. To this day he can't quite believe that it is sung all over the world. He is still a faithful follower of Christ and loves music!

    1. Hello Lou, I'm after the sheet music for this. Is it available?

    2. Hi Lou, first of all, please thank your dad for us. We enjoyed singing Love the Lord Your God very much. It was the first song I learnt to play by ear.

      Secondly, what is the copyright status of the song? A man from our church is putting together a collection of public domain hymns for our little church. Would it be ok to include Love the Lord Your God in this collection?

  5. Hi Lou, first of all, please thank your dad for us. Love the Lord your God was the first song I ever played by ear. We enjoyed singing it very much.

    Second, what is it's copyright status? A man from our church is putting together a collection of public domain songs. Would it be ok to add Love the Lord your God to this collection for our little church?