Wonderful Book, Glorious Book

This hymn by Lizzie Dearmond (deArmond?) is set to a tune by Howard Smith, in 6/8 time. It was published in 1903 in Sunday School Hymns No 1, and again in Volume 4 of Singspiration's Action series.

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Word of the Father, O light from on high,
Wonderful book, wonderful book,
Guide to our glorious home in the sky,
Wonderful book of life.

Wonderful book, glorious book,
To high and lowly, a treasure most holy,
A jewel so rare, balm for all care,
Gift of the Father, wonderful book of life.

Bread for our souls such a bountiful store,
Wonderful book, wonderful book,
Feasting on thee we shall hunger no more,
Wonderful book of life.

Stream by the wayside from fountains above,
Wonderful book, wonderful book,
Bathing our spirits in infinite love,
Wonderful book of life.

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