To Do Your Will

The lyrics of this Irish hymn are based on Scottish ballad, according to some sources, and Psalm 40 according to others.

It is set to the tune  O WALY WALY - often known as "The Water is Wide", which is English / Scottish / Irish - depending on who you ask. This has been used for various other hymns including Lord Make me an Instrument of Peace.

Files for Download:

free sheet music
Lead sheet
(melody + guitar chords)




To do your will, is my desire,
To live in you, Lord is my life.
To spread your love, through all the earth,
To find in you, the joy of life.

All of my days, I sing your praise,
Through all my nights, you are my life.
You will shine forth, through all my years,
And joyously will bring me home.

I search this world so restlessly,
Seeking a home from hate and strife.
I found in you, the strength to see,
The meaning of this troubled life.

And so my God, I give to you,
These raining words these restless rhymes,
And take my life as a tribute of,
Your endless love for humankind.

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