Into Your Hands

This author and source of this hymn are unknown. It was found in a "home made" hymnal most probably from the 1970's or 80's and most probably used by the charismatic movement.

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Into your hands we commend our spirits, oh Lord,
Into your hands we commend our hearts.
For we must die to ourselves in loving You,
Into your hands we commend our love.

Oh God my God, why have You gone from me
Far from my prayers, far from my cry?
To you I call, but You never answer me,
You send no comfort and I don't know why.

Our fathers trusted and You delivered them,
To You they cry, and they escaped.
In You they trusted when darkness came their way,
And in Your goodness You made them free.

You've been my guide since I was very young,
You showed the way when I needed someone's hand.
But now I am lonely, nobody is by my side,
Stay near me Lord, and be my friend.

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