This is my Body Given for Your Freedom

This hymn about the Eucharist is attributed to Charles G. Frischmann, but no further details are known, and commercial recordings have been found.



Singer, unaccompanied, gothic style:


This is my Body, given for your freedom.
This is my Blood which was shed for all humankind(*).
Take, all, and eat, till the day of my return.

Peace to Sion, Jahweh's people;
Put your sorrows in my hands.
As I once led you to freedom,
Come now to my Father's house.

On your journey to the kingdom,
You will find the strength you need
At this table of remembrance
Of my rising from the dead.

Hear, my flock, now hear me calling
For I know you all by name.
Come with me, the Blessed Shepherd,
To the new Jerusalem.

When the whole world shakes with terror,
When the sky bursts into flame,
On the clouds shall I appear, and
You shall know my hour has come.

(*) Original text: all of mankind

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  1. There is an arrangement of this hymn at

  2. God bless who put this up. Thank you

  3. Thanks for this.God bless you.

  4. I used to sing this song at Sacred Heart in downtown Charleston,S.C. when I was six years old. I am sixty now and it means as much to me now as it did then.