Almighty Father Take this Bread

The origin of this Offertory / Eucharistic hymn is unknown: it was published in Australia and Ireland in the 1970s.

Today it is included in several in-print hymn books including Liturgical Hymns Old and New
(but not the 2009 Catholic edition), and the Living Parish hymnal.

 CCLI list it as being in the public domain.

With Common Meter (, tunes it has been set to include
  • WILTSHIRE by Sir George Thomas Smart (1797)
  • FARRANT - by Richard Farrant (1530-85)
  • ST BERNARD -- (to be determined which one)



Organist with small choir - starts close to the end of the 1st verse:


Almighty Father, take this bread,
Thy people offer thee;
Where sins divide us, take instead
One fold and family.

The wine we offer soon will be
Christ's blood, redemption's price;
Receive it, Holy Trinity,
This holy sacrifice.

O God, by angels' choirs adored,
Thy name be praised on earth;
On all earth be that peace outpoured
Once promised at his birth.

ABC Notation

T:Almighty Father Take this Bread
C:Richard Farrant (1530-85)
"F"F2 | F2>G2 A2 G2 | "Bb" F2 B2 "C" G2 G2 | "F" A=B c2 "G7" c2 B2 |
"C" c6 "F"F2 | "Gm" B2 B2 "C" A2 G2 | "Dm" F2 F2 "C" C2 "F"A2 | "Bb" DE F2 "C" F2 E2 | "F"F6 |]

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