Hymn to St George (Arm, arm, for the struggle approaches)

The author and tune of this hymn are unknown.  It is quoted as being sung at a service in 1885 (Ref: The Tablet archive), so therefore assumed to be in the public domain now.

Hymn-books which it has been published in include:
  • The Westminster Hymnal, 1912



Arm! arm! for the struggle approaches,
Prepare for the combat of life:
Saint George! be our watchword in battle,
Saint George! be our strength in the strife.

Great saint, from the throne of thy splendour,
Look down on thy chosen isle,
Soon, soon may they share in thy glory,
Who faithfully strive her awhile.

The land of thy love is a desert,
It's temples and altars are bare,
The finger of death is upon it,
The footprints of Satan are there.

Arise in the might of they power,
And scatter the foes of the Lord;
As the idols of Rome in their temple
Were crushed at the sound of thy word.

Oh, bring back the faith that we cherish,
For which thou hast nobly withstood
The tortures and rack of the tyrant,
That faith which thou seal'dst with thy blood.

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