Laudato Si

This song was written by Damian Lundy,  and published in More Songs of the Spirit volume 2 in 1981.

Both the chorus and tune are borrowed from from a traditional Italian song, composer unknown. The words are based on the Canticle of the Sun attributed to St Francis of Assisi, which also inspired the name of a papal encyclical 25 years later.

Today copyright is owned by Kevin Mayhew Ltd, although it is not clear if the song is in any currently in-print publications.   They have, however, made sheet music available here, and granted permission to
 reproduce the words and music of this song and play the recording in your church or school for one-off use FREE OF CHARGE until June 30th 2015, providing the copyright notice at the foot of the sheet music is reproduced on every copy.
and after that, it may be licenced in the usual way under a CCLI church copyright license.

The original spelling was Laudato Sii, but more recent use shows it as Laudato Si.



Solo singer, with backing track style accompanimnet):


The full words cannot be given here because they are still copyright, but they are available on this website.  This is a rough outline:
Chorus:Laudato si', O mi' Signore,
Laudato si', O mi' Signore,
Laudato si', O mi' Signore,
Laudato si', O mi' Signore.

1 Yes, be praised in all your creatures, brother sun ...

2 For our sister mother earth, she who ...

3 Praise for those who spread forgiveness ...

4 For our life is but a song, and the reason ...

5 Praise to You, Father Most Holy ...

See more ... 

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