Song for a Young Prophet (O the Word of my Lord)

This hymn, based on Jeremiah 1, was composed by English brother and teacher Damian Lundy. It is sometimes referred to as "Song of a Young Prophet".

It was first published in Songs of the Spirit in 1978, and it is still available today in McCrimmon's Celebration Hymnal for Everyone and Catholic Hymns Old and New.



A professionally produced recording, sung by boy-choristers

Sung by a bible-class, guitar accompaniment

An instrumental-only version.


The full lyrics cannot be given here as the text is copyright.   But they are available on this website.  The song has a four-line chorus which is repeated after ever verse.   There are four verses, each three line long and each line has two phrases.   A rough outline is:
Oh the Word of my Lord,
Deep within ...

1  Before I formed you in the womb, ...

2  I know that you are very young, ...

3  And everywhere you are to go, ...

4  With all my strength you will be filled ...

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