May is the month of Mary (Mary is beautiful)

This song about Mary was used in primary schools in England, Scotland and Ireland during the mid 20th century. No published versions have been found, but there are numerous on-line references to the first verse and chorus quoted below.

If you have any more information about where it came from, who wrote it, or what tune it was sung to, please leave a message in the Comments box near the bottom of the page.



May is the month of Mary,
Month that we love so well.
Mary is God’s own mother,
Gladly her praises we tell.

Mary is beautiful.
Mary is fair.
Gladly we praise her
In love and in prayer.

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  1. Hi there, I recently purchased some books about the Lives of the Saints from a charity shop and inside one of the books was an old yellow piece of paper with this hymn typed on! Unfortunately there is no information about its title or source but there are the full lyrics. Good luck with your investigations, I would like to know the tune too!

    May is the month of Mary,
    Month we all love so well;
    Mary is God's own Mother,
    Gladly her praise we tell.

    Mary is beautiful, Mary is fair!
    Gladly we praise her
    in song and in prayer.

    Blue is the sky in Maytime,
    Bright is the sun above,
    Bluebells all nod in chorus
    Joining our song of love.

    Mary is Queen of Heaven,
    Crowned by her own dear Son,
    Angels and saints all love her,
    Mary loves everyone.

    Mary, our Queen we crown you,
    Queen of our Homes to-day,
    Ever we love to hail you
    Beautiful Queen of May.

    Oh Mary, dear Mother, we love you,
    And you love all children we know,
    For Jesus Himself gave us to you
    On Calvary, long years ago.

    Mother dear, we love you,
    Your face we long to see,
    Smiling down from Heaven,
    A "Welcome Home" to me.

    Oh Mary, dear Mother we trust you,
    And ask for your help day by day,
    You guarded your dear little Jesus,
    So guard all your children, we pray.

    Oh Mary, dear Mother we hail you
    Queen Mother in Heaven above,
    With hearts all rejoicing we sing you
    Our song and our greeting of love.

    1. That's a great find, thank you EmmaAnne. I've been approached in person about this song by someone (now in their late 50s I think - I didn't like to ask!) who remembered singing it in primary school. But lots of Googling didn't give me anything more than the first verse an chorus. I'll add these extra verses to the main page now, and hopefully they might help me to find the tune too.


    2. Dear EmmaAnne,
      Thank you so much for taking the trouble to post this. I have been searching for years for this song/hymn to Our Lady. Our primary school sang it frequently throughout May, perhaps even daily throughout the month. I have sang it with my own children but have only known the first verse. Throughout the years I have tried to find the whole hym. I feel so blessed now to have all the verses. I will teach my children the rest of the verses. Some of my children are young adults but I am excited to share this beautiful May tradition of this little simple hymn from my own childhood. I attended St. Claires school, Liverpool, England. I am aged 54 and I love this hymn. Thank you again EmmaAnne, I cant believe I have found these precious verses at last, God bless you, Moira Petris (nee Collins)