The Wonders He has Done (for you) - Long before the earth your name was, Mary

This hymn about Mary was written by Australian Roman Catholic priest, liturgist and folk-musician, Fr Frank Andersen.    It was originally published in his "Eagles Wings" collection and so is included in the Scripture in Song - The Music of Frank Andersen MSC which is still in-print.   Both of these books include lead-sheet style sheet music.

The tune was written by Fr Andersen:  it has a 4/4 time signature, and is in the key of Eb.   The first few notes are a series of Bs.

There are only a couple of references to the song in the Internet - one from an American student who  thinks that it is "a traditional Catholic hymn"!    As at now, there are no videos of it on YouTube.



1    Long before the earth your name was, Mary!
Born from deep within God's memory.
Fashioned by the finger of God's wisdom,
A burning sun within a world of sin.
In your heart the message was implanted;
A word of hope God had longed to send,
Nourished by your prayer and in the Spirit,
You gave birth to God in Bethlehem.

So sing to the Lord with all your heart!
Sing God's praises today.
The wonders God hasd one for you
Speak to me of God's way.

2    Thru your heart a sword will pass in sorrow.
Opening a mother's tenderness.
Showing us the courage of one woman,
Standing with her son in emptiness.
In your life we see God's faithful servant,
Confidence burns bright within your heart,
You have walked beneath the cloud of knowing,
The hand of God himself has touched your heart.

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