Mother of Mercy - alternative text used for school songs

This version of Mother of Mercy has been used as a school-song in some schools run by the Sisters of Mercy, and the words used suggest that it is fairly old.   However no definitive references have been found.

Verse one of this version was written by Frederick W Faber, to a tune by J Richardson.  The author of the other verses is unknown - if you can provide any information about this, please leave a comment in the section at the bottom of the page.

There is also an original version of Mother of Mercy, which has been published in a number of books.   This version has with four verses by Faber.

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Mother of Mercy, day by day
My love of thee grows more and more;
Thy gifts are strewn up on my way,
Like sands upon the great seashore.

Mary with you we praise our God,
His kindness and fidelity
Great is His mercy, Oh how great,
His love endures eternally.

Mary, you pondered deep and long
God's mercy you knew well indeed.
Proud hearted ones He does reject,
But comes to those who own their need.

Great wonders did He work in you,
Handmaiden lowly, who believed,
All generations call you blest,
For you the Son of God conceived.

Through you, Our Saviour came to us,
Now sinners share His life Divine.
Mother of Mercy - rightly called,
Our grateful love and praise are thine.

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