Geoffrey Beaumont / Fr Gerard Beaumont

Geoffrey Beaumont (1904-1971) studied law and qualified as a solicitor.   He was ordained as an Anglo-Catholic priest in 1932, and served as chaplain during World War II, and then later at Cambridge University.

He composed the "20th Century Folk-Mass" sometimes called the "Jazz Mass" which was published in 1956.  (ref: The A-Z of Sacred Music).

Originally he wrote new tunes for traditional hymn texts, but later in life he went on to write and compose original hymns.

In 1957 he co-founded the "Twentieth Century Church Light Music Group"  with Patrick Appleford, to "promote the use of worship music written in a style based on popular light music of the mid-twentieth century".

He became Fr. Gerard Beaumont CR when he joined the Anglican religious order, Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield.

He published "Beaumont Meets Reflection" an original LP in 1970, just before he left England for his final posting with the Community of the Resurrection in South Africa.


  1. I drew the cartoon for Beaumont meets Reflection but the original sleeve had a purple band underneath not green as shown online. Wonder when that was changed?

  2. I need a recording of Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty by Geoffrey Beaumont