Trinity Song (Father in my Life I See)

This folk-style hymn based on the Trinity was written by Australian Roman Catholic priest Frank Andersen MSC.

It was included in his Eagles Wings  coll ed ction releases in 1979, and has appeared in a number of other publications since then.

Various two-part harmonisations are in common use, and several artists have recorded versions of the song.

The song has a simple three-verse structure, with the subject (father, son, spirit) being the only wording difference between each verse


Sheet music is available in a number of hymn books.

One commonly-used guitar-chord pattern is:
G _ _ _  Am7 A 
D        G
Em       Am
D        G
Em       Am7
D        G


Small music group with keyboard, live recording in a church service:

Smaall group, recorded live in a church service:

Solo singer with backing track:

Small group with backing track:

Instrumental - guitar:


A rough outline is:
1 Father in my life I see ...

2 Jesus in ...

3 Spirit in ...

See more ...

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