O Mother Dear Mother (we flock to thy throne)

The author of this hymn of petition for the conversion of England is unknown.

It was included in the Parochial Hymn Book, edited by Rev A Police SM, and published in 1897 in Boston, USA (ref).  It is in the section titled "Hymns in Honour of our Lady of Ransom". A note says that the words were extracted from the Ransomer's Manual, by kind permission of Rev Philip Fletcher (1887-1928), the Master of the Guild of our Lady of Ransom.   The book also describes it as A Pilgrim's Processional Hymn.   Based on this publication date, it is now assumed to be in the public domain.

It is set to the tune LOURDES HYMN, which is best know as Immaculate Mary.



Instrumental - keyboard and violin voice - LOURDES HYMN


O Mother, dear Mother,
We flock to thy throne,
We come from the kingdom
Which once was thine own.

Ave, ave, ave Maria,
Ave, ave, ave Maria.

For England in old times
Thy Dowry was called.
Till spoiled by the spoiler,
Till, captive, enthralled.

Then Jesus, our King,
Was supreme in the land.
And thou, the Queen-Mother,
Reigned at His right hand.

Then every fair altar
Was throne for our King,
And priest, peer, and peasant,
His praises did sing.

Oh! woe to the day when
Thy shrine was despoiled.
To which Tudor Henry
Once bare-footed toiled.

Oh! when shall we gaze on
Her glory restored?
Oh!  when will poor England
Return to her Lord?

Return, then, sweet Lady,
Return to thy land ;
Look down on thy children.
Thine own pilgrim band.

We pray for thy country,
Which once was thy dower,
Show forth on its people
Thy mercy and power.

Thy mercy, to pardon.
Thy power to restore.
That England may yet be
Thy dowry once more.

Then march to the battle!
The Cross leads the way;
Our banners are waving us
On to the fray.

"For Jesus and Mary!"
Let this be our cry,
"For Jesus and Mary,
We'll live and we'll die!"

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