Hibernia's Champion Saint all Hail (Great and Glorious St Patrick)

This hymn was published in a number of hymnals from the mid 18th century. The author and composer are unknown: some of the early publications attribute it to "BS".

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Hibernia's champion saint all hail,
With fadeless glory crown'd;
The offspring of your ardent zeal,
This day your praise shall sound.

Great and glorious St. Patrick,
Pray for thy dear country.
Great and glorious St. Patrick,
Hearken to the prayers of your children.

Borne on the wings of charity,
To Erin's coast you flew,
Bade Satan from her valleys flee,
And his dark shrines o'erthrew.

Wandering thru error's gloomy night
Our sires did lose their way;
You cheered their hearts with heavenly light
With truth's counselling ray.

O what a harvest crown'd thy toil;
The earth long cursed was blest.
Each lovely virtue graced it's soil,
The sinner's heart found rest.

From faith's bright camp the demon fled,
The path to heav'n was cleared ;
Religion raised her beauteous head.
An isle of- saints appeared.

To God, who sent you to our isle,
Be endless glory giv'n ;
O may He ever on it smile.
And lead us all to heav'n.

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1 comment:

  1. I'm glad I found this hymn. I haven't heard it in many years. My mother had a copy of The Key of Heaven catholic prayer book, and the hymn was included.That was back in the 1940's.