Father we Adore You / Father I Adore You

This worship chorus was composed by American housewife Terrye Coelho in 1971when she was a recent convert to Christianity.

With themes of adoration, personal sacrifice and love of  God, it is sometimes used as a simple Trinitarian hymn.

The tune and words are simple enough to be sung unaccompanied, and it simple enough for children or relatively unskilled musicians, but still robust enough to be arranged for adult use. It can be sung as a round.

With meter 6.6.4, it is set to the tune MARANATHA.

It was first published in 1972 by Maranatha! Music, who continue to hold the copyright.  Because it is so simple, many different arrangements have been made. The original lyrics were in the first person "Father I adore ...", but were quickly adapted for communal use as "... we adore you".



A church singing group with keyboard backing, presented as a round:

Bryn School Choir in Greenfield Chapel, demonstrating how the song can be used even with a group of fairly young children.

Lead singer and worship band - professional recording:

An extended worship mix version:


Father, we adore you.
Lay our lives before you.
How we love you.

Jesus ...

Spirit ...

See more ...

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