(Sing praises to) The Living God

This is a folk-style hymn of praise, with a focus on the Trinity.

It was written by South African born, lay Franciscian singer/song-writer Sebastian Temple (1928-1997), and included his album, Sing! People of God, Sing! (ref) which was released in 1967 by St Francis Productions, California.
    Hymn-books that it has been published in include:

    The song is set to an unnamed tune, also by Temple. This has a cut-common (2/2) time signature. In the key of C, the first few notes are C C C C C G G G_


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    Original recording: lead singer and choir with guitar:

    Choir and congregation, with band:

    Small choir with band:

    Singer with keyboard accompaniment:

    Singer, self-accompanied on guitar:


    1 Sing praises to the living God, Glory Alleluia.
    Come, adore the living God, Glory Alleluia.
    Though sun and moon may pass away, His word will ever stay.
    His power is for evermore, Glory Alleluia.

    Glory to the Trinity,
    The undivided unity,
    The Father, son, and Spirit one,
    From whom all life and goodness come.

    2 To the living God we sing, Glory Alleluia.
    Let our love and praises ring, Glory Alleluia.
    To us all He always gives His mercy and His love.
    Praise Him now forever more, Glory Alleluia.

    3 To the God who cannot die, Glory Alleluia.
    To the living God we cry, Glory Alleluia.
    He promised to be with us and He lives in ev’ryone.
    Love Him now forever more, Glory Alleluia.

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    1. Is this song "Sing Praises to the Living God" in public domain? If not, then do you know the copyright holder of this song please? Thank you.