Blessings on the King

This hymn for Palm Sunday by Australian Fr Frank Andersen was originally published in "Everything I Possess" (which was renamed Galilee Song) and so is included in the Scripture in Song - The Music of Frank Andersen MSC collection, which is still available.   Both of there include lead-sheet style sheet music.

It is included on the Gallilee Song recording, but at the time of writing there are no examples available on Youtube.

The tune was written by Fr Andersen:  it is in a minor key (Em in the original printing), with a 6:8 time signature.  The tune is in two parts which seem like a chorus / verse structure - although there are different words for each version of the chorus.

There is a slight difference between the published title (Blessing on the King) and the lyrics in the verses (Blessings our our King).



The lyrics are copyright, and cannot be reproduced here. The song has six verses, with the tune alternating between verses - and the first verse repeated at the end.  A rough outline over the verses is below - and the full version is currently found on the last page of this newsletter.

Blessings on our King!
Blessings on our King!
Honour! Glory! Praise and thanks!
Blessings on our King!

Who do you say I truly am? ...

Jesus is our King! ...

This is my Son, Truly Beloved! ...

Sing your praises now! ...

Have you the strength to drink with me ...

Blessings on our King! ...

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