Hosanna to the Son of David (You are the King of Glory)

This worship song, which is popular on Palm Sunday, was written by Mavis Forde - and perhaps added to by Julie Sharp.

It was first published in 1978 by the UK-based Authentic Publishing. Rights are now administered in the UK by Kingswaysongs, and in the US by Integrity Music.

Other hymnals that it has been published include:
  • Scripture in Song Volume II, 1980
  • Hymns Old and New, Anglican Edition (2008) - which credits both Mavis Forde and Julie Sharp as the authors.
  • Hymns Ancient and Modern, 2013 - which credits it to Mavis Forde.

It has been translated into (at least):
  • Dutch (U bent de grote Koning)
  • German (Du bist der Herr der Herren)
  • Korean (당신은 영광의 왕 )
  • Welsh (Ti ydyw Ior gogoniant)

The tune was written by Davis, and is unnamed.  It has a 4/4 time signature, and in the key of F the first few notes of the melody are a run of C's followed F D DD F D.

It is not the same as Dan Schutte's 8-verse hymn also titled Hosanna to the Son of David.



Soloist with praise band:

Solo singer, self-accompaied on the ukulele


The lyrics are copyright so cannot be reproduced here. But they are currently available on from this website.

The song is 12 lines long, starting with "You are the King of Glory, You are the Prince of Peace", and ending with "For Jesus the messiah reigns".

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