Hail Redeemer King Divine

This hymn about Christ's kingship was written by Irish Redemptorist priest Patrick Brennan (1877-1951).

With 77.77 meter, it was originally set to the tune HYMN TO CHRIST THE KING - REX by William Henry Grattan Flood (1859-1928).

Later publishers set it to other tunes, including ST GEORGES WINDSOR by George J Elvey, and HAIL, REDEEMER by Charles, Rigby (1901-1962).

Some versions give the title as "Praise be Jesus Christ our King".



Cathedral choir with organ, tune REX

Massed choir with orchestra, tune ST GEORGE WINDSOR

Singer with electric-guitar led band / contemporary arrangement, tune REX:

Children's choir with band:

Choir with moderate organ, tune - to be advised:

Singer with piano:

Choir with electronic organ, tune to be identified -possibly colloquially known as YELLOW SUBMARINE


Hail Redeemer, King divine!
Priest and Lamb, the throne is thine;
King, whose reign shall never cease,
Prince of everlasting peace.

Angels, saints and nations sing:
"Praise be Jesus Christ our King;
Lord of life, earth, sky and sea,
King of love on Calvary!"

King most holy, King of truth,
Guard the lowly, guide the youth;
Christ the King of glory bright,
Be to us eternal light.

Shepherd-king, o'er mountains steep
Homeward bring the wandering sheep;
Shelter in one royal fold
States and kingdoms, new and old.

Crimson streams, O King of grace,
Drenched thy thorn-crowned head and face;
Floods of love's redeeming tide
Tore thy hands, thy feet, and side.

Eucharistic King, what love
Draws thee daily from above,
Clad in signs of bread and wine :
Feed us, lead us, keep us thine!

King, whose name creation thrills,
Rule our hearts, our minds, our wills;
Till in peace, each nation rings
With thy praises, King of kings.

Sing with joy in ev'ry home :
"Christ our King, thy kingdom come!
To the King of ages, then,
Honour, glory, love : Amen!".

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