Copyright Policies

Overview: is committed to upholding copyright law.

f you believe we have inadvertently published something that you own the copyright to, please get in touch and provide details so that corrective action can be taken.   Please provide any relevant information, and let us know what actions you would like us to take - for example, removing the material, or acknowledging you as the author and/or composer.

Book Listings:

In book-listings on this site, copyright information for individual songs and hymns is as shown in the stated edition of the book.  Because of this, it may now be out-of-date if, for example, the copyright has expired or  the original copyright holder has transferred their rights to some other company etc.

The only exception is when copyright information for a particular song is not provided in the book:  in this case, either:
  • Copyright ownership is assumed based on other works by the same author and composer, or 
  • Up-to-date information based further research is shown, or 
  • The copyright-owner is listed as "Unknown".

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