O Comfort my People

This hymn for Advent was written by American Roman Catholic-convert and Trappist monk, organist, liturgist and historian Chrysogonus Waddell (1930–2008).

The text is very closely based on Isaiah 40.   

The meter of the text is    It is usually set to a traditional Irish tune.


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Choral arrangement, unaccompanied:

Instrumental - classical guitar:


O comfort my people and calm all their fear,
And tell them the time of salvation draws near.
O tell them I come to remove all their shame.
Then they will, forever, give praise to my name.

Proclaim to the cities of Judah my word;
That “gentle yet strong is the hand of the Lord”.
I rescue the captives, my people defend,
And bring them to justice and joy without end.

All mountains and hills shall become as a plain,
For vanished are mourning and hunger and pain.
And never again shall these war against you.
Behold I come quickly to make all things new.

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