O Cross of Christ Immortal Tree

This is a Lenten hymn, which is sometimes recommended for Good Friday.

The author is unknown:  The hymn is attributed to Stanbrook Abbey, although the date it was first published (and thus the copyright status) has been difficult to ascertain.

With meter CM (86 86), tunes it has been set to include:
  • WALSALL by English composer Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
  • ST FLAVIAN, composer unknown, from Day's Psalter 1562
  • ARDEN by George Thomas Thalben-Ball (1896 - 1987)
  • CAITHNESS from the Scottish Psalter, 1635
  • An unknown tune by Lucius Chapin (1760-1842).

Hymnals it is published in (with various tunes) include

These books are the only known sources of sheet music for the hymn.


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Congregation and choir with organ, ST FLAVIAN

Small ensemble, tune ??

Two versions, unaccompanied:


O Cross of Christ, immortal tree
On which our Saviour died,
The world is sheltered by your arms
That bore the Crucified.

From bitter death and barren wood
the tree of life is made;
Its branches bear unfailing fruit
And leaves that never fade.

O faithful Cross, you stand unmoved
While ages run their course;
Foundation of the universe,
Creation’s minding force.

Give glory to the risen Christ
And to his Cross give praise,
The sign of God's unfailing love,
The hope of all our days.

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  1. is this song public domain. I not able to find it to report under OneLicense or CCLI