Receive (Dear / O) Father God of Might

The text of this Offertory / Eucharist hymn was written in 1971 Roman Catholic priest David Michael Coffey of the Archdiocese of Sydney in Australia.  

It was written for the New Catholic Hymnal published in 1971 by Faber Music Ltd.  An anonymous visitor to this website said that copyright is owned by Faber Music, however a version of this book purchased in 2014 does not list it among the texts which Faber own.

The text has long meter (LM).  
  • Faber published it set to the tune SOLOTHURN, described as a Swiss traditional melody, harmonised by Geoffrey Laycock.
  • It was used in New Zealand in the 1970s, with the first line "Receive O Father" (instead of "dear"), and set to the tune of TALLIS CANON.



No on-line versions have been found. This is an instrumental version of TALLIS CANON.

Instrumental version of SOLOTHURN


Receive O Father God of might,
This host unblemished in your sight.
Unworthy servants though we be,
We come before You, trustingly.

This saving chalice too, we bring.
Receive it graciously O king.
With fragrant odour may it rise
To Your fine home, above the skies.

For all the living and the dead,
For our poor lives so badly led,
We raise these gifts to You above,
And join with them ourselves in love.

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