Ag Críost an síol / The Seed of Christ - English language setting

The Irish-language (Gaelic) lyrics of this hymn are attributed to Micheál Ó Síocháin.

Two English-language settings are given in the publication "Common Ground: A Song Book for All the Churches", published by St Andrew's Press in 1998.   One is by James Quinn (1919 - 2010), and the other attributed only to JW (meaning it is not possible to determine when the copyright on it expires from the author's date-of-death).

The tune may have been composed by Seán O Ríada, and is often used in the O'Riada mass.

As the lyrics are still subject to copyright, it is not possible to reproduce them here:  the only way you can obtain them is by purchasing a publication that includes them.

"Common Ground" is not listed in St Andrew's Press' on-line bookshop - so may be out of print.  However both new and second-hand copies are currently listed on Amazon and Eden.



The seed is Christ's,
The harvest His:
(removed due to copyright restrictions)

See also:   Ag Críost an síol - the original Irish-language version of this hymn.

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