Jesus Christ is Risen Today

This is a hymn for Easter Sunday.  It is a translation of an anonymous Latin hymn "Surrexit Christus Hodie".

The author is unknown, but it was first published in the Lyra Davidica (1708), and this means it is now in the public domain.

With meter 77 77 with "Alleluias", tunes which it has been set to include:
  • EASTER HYMN - found in Lyra Davidica, and adapted by John Arnold (1749).      This is the most commonly used tune for this hymn  - and also used for Charles Wesley's Christ the Lord is Risen Today
  • MONK by William Henry Monk (1823-1889)
  • LLANFAIR by Welsh singer Robert Williams (1781-1821)


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Jesus Christ is risen today,
Our triumphant holy day,
Who did once upon the cross,
Suffer to redeem our loss.

Hymns of praise then let us sing,
Unto Christ, our heavenly King,
Who endured the cross and grave,
sinners to redeem and save.

But the pains which he endured,
Our salvation have procured,
Now above the sky he's King,
Where the angels ever sing.

ABC Notation

About ABC notation

T:Jesus Christ is Risen Today
"D"D2 F2 A2 F2|"G"G2 B2 B2 A2|"D"FGAD "G"G2FG|"A"F2 E2 "D"D4|
"G"G2 A2 B2 A2|"Em"G2 F2 F2 D2|"D"FGAD "G"G2FG|"A"F2 E2 "D"D4|
"A"c2 d2 e2 A2|"D"d2 e2 f4|"A"cdeA "D"d2cd|"E7"c2 B2 "A"A4|
"A"ABcA "D"d2 F2|"G"G2 B2 B2 A2|"D"dcdA "A"Bcde|"D"d2"A"c2 "D"d4||

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  1. Could you please help me? Wondering if this song is public domain and can be played through facbook? Since Covid 19 we can only play music videos for our music worship part in church, Looking at the contemporary one o f Christ the Lord is Risen today. Thanks for any help!