Soul of my Saviour (Savior)

This hymn about the Eucharist is an English paraphrase of the 14th century Latin prayer, Anima Christi. The translator is unknown.

The text has meter of 10 10. 10 10.   It was first published with the tune ANIMA CHRISTI, written by English Jesuit priest William Joseph. Maher in 1864, and this is the most commonly-used tune for this translation.

Some artists regard it as an Irish folk-hymn - the reasons for this are unknown, although it is popular in 20th / 21st century Ireland.


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Soul of my saviour
Sanctify my breast.
Body of Christ,
Be thou my saving guest.
Blood of my saviour,
Bathe me in thy tide.
Wash me with waters,
Flowing from his side.

Strength and protection
May thy passion be.
Oh blessed Jesus
Hear and answer me.
Deep in thy wounds Lord,
Hide and shelter me
So shall I never,
Never part from thee.

Guard and defend me
From the foe malign.
In death’s dread moments
Make me only thine.
Call me and bid me
Come to thee on high.
Where I may praise thee
With thy saints for aye.

ABC Notation

T:Soul of my Saviour
 "F" C2 "Dm"F  F | F2 "C" E2 | "F" F F "C" G G | "F"A4 |
w:1~~~Soul of my sa-viour, sanc-ti-fy my breast.
w:2~~~Strength and pro-tect-ion, may thy pas-sion be.
w:3~~~Guard and de-fend me from the foe ma-lign.
 "C" A2 G "F"A | F2 "C" E2 |  "F" E F "G"E D | "C" C4 |
w:1~~~Bo-dy of Christ, be thou my sav-ing guest.
w:2~~~Oh bless-ed Je-sus, hear and ans-wer me.
w:3~~~In death?s dread mo-ments, make me only_ thine.
 "F" c2 "C7" Bc | "F" A2 "Gm" G2 | "Am" cc "C7" B c | "F"A4 |
w:1~~~Blood of my sa-viour, Bathe me in thy tide.
w:2~~~Deep in thy wounds Lord, hide and shel-ter me,
w:3~~~Call me and bid me, come to thee on high.
 "C7" G-B A G | "Dm" F2 "Gm" B2 | "Dm" A A "C" G G | "F"F4 ]
w:1~~~Wash_ me with wat-ers, flow-ing from his side.
w:2~~~So_ shall I nev-er, nev-er part from thee.
w:3~~~Where_ I may praise thee with thy saints for aye.

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