Shalom my Friend

This peace-blessing song is based on a Hebrew folk tune.

The words given below are the original translation, for which the translator is unknown.   Several others, including Michael Lehr, have made translations since, and many these are subject to copyright restrictions.  There are also a number of additional verses or bridge sections, with develop the theme of blessing / peace, but aren't translations of the original.

It is often sung as a round.


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Small group, unaccompanied, professional recording:

Children's choir with keyboard-based backing track - professional recording:

Singer - unaccompanied, part of a worship service:

Singer with piano:


Shalom, my friends,
Shalom, my friends,
Shalom, shalom.
Till we meet again (*)
Till we meet again (*)
Shalom, shalom.

(*)  or "May God be with you" 

ABC Notation

About ABC notation

T:Shalom my Friend
A,[| "Dm" D D/2E/2 F "*" D | F F/2G/2 A "*" A | "Gm" d2 "*" "C7" c2  |    "Dm" A3 "*" A |
w: Sha-lom  my_ friend, Sha-lom  my_ friend, Sha-lom,  sha-lom.  'Til
     "Dm" d A/2G/2 F "*" G | A F/2E/2 D "*" A, | "Gm" D3 "*" "A7" E/2F/2 | [1 "Dm" D3     A, | [2 D4  |]
w: we meet a-gain, 'til we meet a-gain.   Sha-lom.   Sha_ lom.  Sha  lom.

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