Stay with us Lord (we pray you)

This is a hymn of petition for God's presence.

It was published in The Veritas Hymnal.   This attributes the lyrics to J Moloney, who is presumably Irish Roman Catholic priest John Moloney (1916-2014).   The tune is attributed to P Damilano, but no further information about him/her has been found.


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Stay with us Lord we pray you, Alleluia.

You are the bread come down from heaven;
You are the food of life eternal.

You are the light which illumines the world.
Brightening our way, dispelling our darkness.

You are the Christ the divine Son of God,
You are the pledge of life eternal.

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  1. This one is by P O Connor

    1. Thanks for drawing my attention to this. However the Vertias Hymnal attributes it differently. Have you seen it published elsewhere?