Circle of Friends

The author and composer of this children's hymn are unknown:  it is well-known in Ireland, and is included in the primary school religious education curriculum.



    Lead singer (child's voice) and electroinc backing:


    You have friends, you are not alone.
    Thanks to them, you're not on your own.
    You are strong, even when you feel small.
    From the rain, they will shelter you.
    In your pain, they will comfort you.
    They will always pick you up when you fall.

    Circle of friends, all around you.
    Circle of friends, strong and true.
    Circle of friends, always there for you

    Even when, you are far apart.
    To your friends, you're joined heart to heart.
    Far away, you are not on your own.
    You're not there, but they think of you.
    In their prayers, they remember you.
    You are never ever truly alone.

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    1. Oh lovely my son adores this tune from his grow in love at school

    2. Who sings this song i can't seem to find it on alexa