O Sacrament Most Holy

This short refrain was published in the Raccolta (literally "Collection") - an Italian prayer book published in the 19th century. Its authorship and source of the subsequent translation into English are unknown.

Popular in Ireland, it is often there used with the tune in the sheet music shown below.

It is used as the chorus of the hymn "O Jesus we Adore Thee", sometimes published as "O Lord I am not Worthy", by Irvin Udulutsch, OFM Cap (1920- 2010)  

It was also used as the refrain of another hymn, attributed to Fr Jan Ligeza, while the 1966 People's Mass Book includes setting to a different tune by Belgian pianist and composer Marinus de Jong, (It is not clear which, if any, set of lyrics are used in this last work.)

With meter of, the tune that it is most commonly associated with is FULDA, but definitive information about the composer for this tune has not been found: there are various online references to:
  • Sacred Melodies, Gardiner, 1815)
  • Gebet-und Gesangbuch, 1891

The Veritas Hymnal published it with the tune ATTRACTA, which is attributed as Gaelic traditional.


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Small choir with organ, professional recording, tune ATTRACTA

Choir and congregation with organ - recorded live in church, tune FULDA

Instrumental - organ:


O Sacrament most holy,
O Sacrament divine!
All praise and all thanksgiving
Be ev'ry moment Thine.

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