O Bread of Life from Heaven

This is hymn about the Eucharist.   It is based on the Latin hymn, O Esca Viatorum from the  Maintzich Gesangbuch which was published in 1661. 

It was translated to English by Swiss-born, German-educated and then USA-emigrant Protestant theologian and ecclesiastical historian, Philip Schaff (1819-1893).

With meter of, tunes it has been set to include:
  • O WELT, ICH MUSS DICH LASSEN, also known as INNSBRUCK, adapted from a 15th century German melody by Heinrich Isaac, 1539.
  • O BREAD OF LIFE adapted from Heinrich Isaac by F. Melius Christiansen (1871–1955) 
  • BREAD OF LIFE (Warren) by Canadian organist and composer,  Samuel P. Warren (1841-1915).


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Singer, self-accompanied on guitar:

Virtual choir, with saxophone and organ:

Singer with electronic organ:

Small choir with organ:


O Bread of Life from heaven,
To saints and angels given;
O manna from above!
The souls that hunger, feed Thou,
The hearts that seek Thee, lead Thou,
With Thy sweet, tender love.

O fount of grace redeeming,
O river ever streaming
From Jesus' holy side!
Come Thou, Thyself bestowing
On thirsting souls, and flowing
Till all are satisfied.

Jesu, this feast receiving,
Thy Word of truth believing,
We Thee unseen adore;
Grant, when the veil is rended,
That we, to heaven ascended,
May see Thee evermore.

We love Thee, Jesus, tender,
In all Thy hid­den splen­dour
Within these means of grace.
Oh, let the veil be riven,
And our clear eye in Heaven
Behold Thy glo­ry face to face.

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