Father and Life-Giver

This hymn is attributed to A J Newman. Most publishers have treated it as public domain, although I have not been able to find references to early publications, or any on-line examples.

With meter of 65 65 D, it is set to the tune PRINCETHORPE by William Pitts (1829 - 1903).

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Father and life-giver, grace of Christ impart;
He, the Word incarnate — food for mind and heart.
Children of the promise, homage now we pay;
Sacrificial banquet cheers the desert way.

Wine and bread the symbols — love and life convey,
Offered by your people, work and joy portray.
All we won consigning, nothing is retained;
Tokens of our service, gifts and song contain.

Transformation wondrous, water into wine;
Mingled in the Godhead we are made divine.
Birth into his body brought us life anew,
Total consecration — Fruit from grafting true.

Christ, the head and members iving now as one.
Offered to the Father by this holy Son;
And our adoration will be purified,
By the Holy Spirit breathing through our lives.

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