Feed us Now O Son of God

This folk-style hymn of petition to Jesus about social-justice themes appears to have been written in the 1960s/70s.  It is attributed to Peter Allen: no further information about him has been located.

It was included in the 20th Century Folk Hymnal Volume 1 (Mayhew/McCrimmon, UK, 1974), but not further publications have been located.

With meter of 77 76, the folk/rock style tune it is set to is unnamed.  It has a 4/4 time signature.   In the key of G, the first new notes are B c d B c B A G E D G B A G with accompanying chords  G / C  G / D7 / G.



Small group with band:


Feed us now, oh Son of God,
As you fed them long ago.

The people came to hear you, the poor, the lame, the blind.
They asked for food to save them, you fed them body and mind.

The ones who didn’t listen, the rich, the safe, the sure,
they didn’t think they needed the off’ring of a cure.

It’s hard for us to listen, things haven’t changed at all.
We’ve got the things we wanted; we don’t want to hear your call.

Yet millions still have hunger, disease, no homes, and fear.
We offer them so little, and it costs them very dear.

So help us see the writing, written clear upon the wall:
he who doesn’t feed his neighbour will get no food at all.

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