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We are the Easter People (Leigh / Sharpe)

This Easter hymn was published in More Songs of the Renewal Vol 2, credited to Tom Leigh and Betty Sharpe.  No further references to it have been found: the copyright status is unclear, and no on-line examples are available.

The text is based on the writings of St Augustine.

The unnamed tune by Tom Leigh has a 2/4 time signature.   In the key of G, the first few notes are D GA B AG D, with accompanying chords D7 / G.



We are the Easter people, Alleluia is our song
Let us rejoice, let us sing out Jesus is risen, Alleluia!

He died for us, now He is risen,
We share his life, Jesus is Lord.

His light shines out, dispelling darkness
Tell the whole world, Jesus is Lord.

Proclaim His glory, Christ id the Saviour
He dies no more, Jesus is Lord.

God’s people sing, you share His victory
Have no more fear, Jesus is Lord.

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