Accept Almighty Father

This is an offertory hymn.

It was published anonymously, in the 1966 Parish Mass Book – St. Joseph Edition. and in the Basilian Hymn Book of 1906.   This latter publication suggests that it is now in the public domain.

It appears to have been translated into a German hymn, (“Wir weihn der Erde Gaben”) published in 1942 by Petronia Steiner OP.

With meter of 76 76 76, it has been published to one tune by J Mohr (also used for The Church's One Foundation), and quite possibly set to others.



Small group with organ:

Singer, self-accompanied on guitar, tune is a Russian folk-song (ref)

Choir with guitar and keyboard:

African arrangement - singer with electronic backing:

Instrumental - piano:

Instrumental, electronic organ:


Accept Almighty Father
These gifts of bread and wine
Which now the priest is offering
For us before Thy shrine
But soon the Word will make them
His Body and his Blood
The sacrifice renewing
Once offered on the rood.

With these although unworthy,
Some offering we would make
But all we have thou gavest
Then what thou gavest take
Our hearts, our souls, our senses
We give through Mary's hands
Who by the cross once standing
Now by the alter stands.

O God by that co-mingling
Of water and of wine,
May he who took our nature
Give us his life divine.
Come thou, who make-st holy
And bless this sacrifice.
Then shall our gift be pleasing
To thee above the skies.

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  1. Petronia Steiner was published in 1942, so it was likely the translation of this Hymn that shows to have been published in 1869.

    1. Thanks Sarah, nice find. I've updated the listing accordingly.

  2. This Catholic Hymn Book has only two verses for this hymn