We Sing a Song to Brigid

This is a children's song about St Brigid of Kildare.

Written by Clare Maloney and set to music by Patricia Hegarty, it is included in the Alive-O primary school religious education programme which was written in Ireland during the 1990s.



A primary school class, unaccompanied

Solo singer and small group with harpsichord and xylophone accompaniment:

Original teaching recording

Children's choir with backing, words on-screen:

Singer, unaccompanied, outdoors:


We sing a song to Brigid,
Brigid brings the spring
Awakens all the fields and the flowers
And calls the birds to sing.

All were welcome at her door,
no one was turned away.
She loved the poor, the sick and the sore,
She helped them on their way.

She laid her cloak out on the ground
And watched it grow and grow,
In wells and streams and fields of green
St. Brigid’s blessings flow.

ABC Notation

T:We Sing a Song to Brigid
C:Patricia Hegarty
A: Clare Maloney
O: Ireland
"^Chorus:" D/2 | D A/2 A G/2 | F/2 (DD3/2)      | D A/2 A G/2            | (A3/2A) A/2 | 
                 B A/2 A G/2 | F/2>E/2D/2 E E/2 | D F/2 E E/2            | (D3/2 D) z ||
"^Verse 1"       D A/2 A G/2 | F G/2 A3/2       | A/2A/2B/2 (c/2>B/2G/2) | (A3/2A) A/2 | 
                 B A/2 A G/2 | F/2>E/2D/2 E E/2 | D F/2 E E/2            | (D3/2 D) z ||
"^Verse 2" D/2 | D A/2 A G/2 | F G/2 A A/2      | A B/2 (c/2>B/2G/2)     | (A3/2A) A/2 | 
                 B A/2 A G/2 | F/2>E/2D/2 E E/2 | D F/2 E E/2            | (D3/2 D) z ||

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  1. This song is from a primary school children's Religion book widely used from the 90's to today. Lyrics by Clare Maloney and music by Patricia Hegarty.