For Christ the King (An Army of Youth)

This hymn for Christ the King was written by American Roman Catholic priest Daniel A Lord SJ (1888 - 1955) was first published in 1932 in The Queen's Work, the magazine of the Jesuit-sponsored Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary. (Ref:

It was commonly used in the Student Catholic Action movement and other related organisations (eg Catholic Students' Mission Crusade) in the mid 20th century. 

Sheet music is available from the Family and Feast in Feria blog.



Choir with organ:


An army of youth flying the standards of truth,
We’re fighting for Christ, the Lord.
Heads lifted high, Catholic Action our cry,
And the cross our only sword.
On earth’s battlefield never a vantage we’ll yield
As dauntlessly on we swing.
Comrades true, dare and do ’neath the Queen’s white and blue,
For our flag, for our faith for Christ the King.

Christ lifts His hands; the King commands;
His challenge, “Come and follow Me.”
From every side, With eager stride, We form in the lines of victory.
Let foemen lurk, and laggards shirk,
We throw our fortunes with the Lord,
Mary’s son, till the world is won.
We have pledged you our loyal word.

Our hearts are pure, our minds are sure;
No sin our gleaming helmet taints.
No foeman fierce our shield shall pierce;
We’re captained by God’s unconquered saints.
Yet peace we bring, and a gentle King,
Whose law is light and life and love.
Mary’s son, may thy will be done
Here on earth as it is above.

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