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My Soul is Filled with Joy / Holy is Your Name (Magnificat - Wild Mountain Thyme)

This is a setting of the Magnificat / Canticle of Mary (from Luke 1) to the Scottish folk-tune used for the song "Wild Mountain Thyme" (also known as "Will ye Go Lassie, Go").

The author is unknown:  It was published in 1978 the UK-produced"Songs of the Spirit", and may also have been in earlier publications.



Choir with organ - live recording in a church service:

Solo singer with piano and guitar:

Guitar led folk choir:

Contemporary arrangement, professional recording:


My soul is filled with joy
As I sing to God my saviour:
You have looked upon your servant,
You have visited your people.

And holy is your name
Through all generations!
Everlasting is your mercy
To the people you have chosen,
And holy is your name.

I am lowly as a child,
But I know from this day forward
That my name will be remembered,
For all will call me blessed.

I proclaim the pow’r of God,
You do marvels for your servants;
Though you scatter the proud-hearted
And destroy the might of princes.

To the hungry you give food,
send the rich away empty.
In your mercy you are mindful
of the people you have chosen.

In your love you now fulfill
What you promised to your people.
I will praise you, Lord, my saviour,
Everlasting is your mercy.

ABC Notation

Sidenote:  What is ABC notation

T:My Soul is Filled with Joy
Z:abc-transcription ,
DE|"D"FF3 "G"E3D|"D"(B,D3) z2 FA|"D"B3B B3A|"D"FA3 z2 FA|
w:1~~~My_ soul is filled with joy_ as I sing to God my sa-viour: You have
w:2~~~I am low-ly as a child_ but I know from this day for-ward that my
w:3~~~I pro-claim the pow’r of God,_ You do mar-vels for your ser-vants; Though you
w:4~~~To the hungry_ you give food,_ send the rich away__ emp-ty. In your
w:5~~~In your love you now ful-fill,_ what you prom-ised to your peo-ple. I will
"G"B4 "F#m"A2F2|"Bm"(ED3) z2 EF|"G"G3F E2D2|"G"B,D3 D3B,|
w:1~~~looked upon your ser-vant, You have vis-it-ed your peo-ple. And_
w:2~~~name will~be re-mem-bered, for_ all will call me bless-ed.
w:3~~~scatter the proud hearted_ and de-stroy the might of princes._
w:4~~~~mercy you are mind-ful of the peo-ple you have chosen._
w:5~~~praise~you, Lord, my saviour,_ ev-er-lasting_ is your mercy._
"D"(A,3B,) "G"DD3|"D"D4 z2 FA|"G"B4 B3A|"D"FA3 z2 FA| "G"B4 "F#m"A2F2|
w:ho-ly is your name through_ all gen-er-a-tions! Ev-er lasting is your
"Bm"(ED3) z2 EF| "G"G3F E2D2|"G"B,D3 D2B,2|"D"(A,3B,) "G"DD3|"D"D6 z2|]
w:mercy_ to the peo-ple you have cho-sen, and_ holy_ is your name.

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